Udder Tugs


How easy it is to make a difference
with our 10% to 50% donations to your
favorite rescue !

Share your love for dogs with a friend. With your purchase we will give from 10% to 50% to your favorite rescue or shelter. Tell A Friend so that together we can help homeless animals across the country. We have donated more than $170,000 to over 900 rescue groups over the last eight years. Please refer them to our website to see our quality products and of course our famous Udder Tugs.

Tell A Friend that they can be our friend on facebook, follow us on twitter and read about our monthly promotions.

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Tell a friend:

Just wanted to say thank you for the great product. Kaiser absolutely loves his new Udder Tug. I could hardly get it out of the package and he was ready for it. What a great idea you had....once again thanks a bunch...-
- CP