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Poochie-Bells!! Helps train your dog to tell you when it has to go. Hang the bell strip on or near the door. A lot of dogs just never figure out how to tell you they want to go out. They give us signals, but sometimes we don't get the message, and then everyone feel bad if there is an accident, even though it wasn't their faults.

Poochie Bells solves that problem by giving your dog an instant communications tool when they ring the bells to go out. It really works !

Poochie Bells

Tony learned in about 10 minutes! (Of course everybody know he is a genius!)

No more hurt feelings because YOU weren't paying attention to his signals
Easy to Train & Use Quickly
Eliminates Claw Marks on your Door
Specifically designed for high or low breeds
It's like clicker training for dog moms & dads!
Looks great too!