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zzWater Bottle Crunchers - What is it about water bottles that drives dogs nuts? You just can’t seem to pull them away, yet your afraid that it may be harmful. Well now you have no need to fear, with Water Bottle Crunchers, the toy slips over the water bottle giving your pet the familiar sound without the exposed plastic! The bottle is firmly held in place with several layers of velcro.

Water Bottle Crunchers

The dog toy is 17" long.

It's de truth! Dogs just can't resist the satisfying crunch of an empty water bottle! That's why Fat Cat designed water bottle crunchers! Perfectly sized for empty water bottles (or any empty plastic bottle up to 20 oz. in size!) This toy packs a punch with a crunch! The best part? It's refillable! RECYCLE! Don't throw away...it's time to play! REFILL! Use your ol' empties to fill this toy at the handy-dandy opening! REPEAT! All crunched out? Remove the old bottle at the first sign of wear! Recycle and stick a new bottle in! It's dat simple, folks! (and "GREEN" too!) The dog toy is 17" long.