TreatStiks - Mix & Match - Lg 9.5"" and 13 oz capacity

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Manufacturer: Treatskik
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TreatStik, Large is 9.5" has a 13 oz capacity. It's a treat or meal dispensing toy that offers hours of mentally stimulating fun. As your dog nudges & rolls the toy it randomly dispenses its hidden contents. Use it for Meals! Put a morning feeding (or evening meal) in the TreatStik. Makes mealtime fun. The dog works for the food while burning calories.

Great for dogs with separation anxiety! Feeding a meal in the TreatStik when you leave offers a distraction from his worries.

Note from Helping Udders: Tony loves this. When he is in one of his destructive moods (normal state), it is the only thing that will occupy him long enough for me to get some work done. We have the red cube too, but I like this one because they can pick it up, chew it, and it doesn't get pushed under things and stuck like the cube does. TreatStik rolls in a circle because of its shape. It's a mouth full, even for him.

Petey With Treat Stik

treat stik 1 treat stik 2 treat stik 3 treat stik 4