Huggle Hounds Big Feller Squirrel - 23 inches long

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Manufacturer: HuggleHounds
Category: Toys
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Huggle Hounds' Big Feller Squirrel. 23 inches long. The world’s tuffest stuffed squirrel is perfect for the large breed dogs! Features Tuffut Technology™ lining to insure even the toughest chewers will stop and pause. Hugglehounds And This Cute Possum Is Inspired By Real Dogs And Their Owners. For Tossing And Hugging And Sleeping With - This Possum Has A Curly Cue Tail And A Soft Nose. Inspired By Real Dogs And Their Owners And Packed With Fun. Understuffed For Easy Toting And Tossing. Make Great Romping Or Napping Buddies. Great realistic plush fur and body shape. Under-stuffed to allow pet ease of play, carrying and tossibility. Big Feller Squirrel Toy has a squeaker and great crinkly tail. Little Feller Squirrel is just right for smaller dogs (10.5")