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Larger GoughNut Shown below.

Correct time to take the toy away - Red Indicator. This is an example of a dog owner that did a good/correct job at taking the GoughNut away from the dog when red was indicated. Please realize that this amount of red is not more than 1/8 inch in size. The red clearly shows even though the indication size is quite small. Please use this example to realize that we do not want to see excessive damage before the toy is taken away. This GoughNut was well loved. This damage was made by an 100 pound blonde lab. Any time we get a toy back we are very happy in realizing that our patent pending "Chew Toy Safety Indicator" is working.

Damaged Gough Nut

Dog with Gough Nut

Sizing - This toy clearly is large enough for this great looking Guide Dog. Please make sure that the chew toy appears to be large in the dogs mouth.


"Guide Dogs for the Blind places approximately 800 puppies per year into private homes to be raised by volunteers. These growing puppies obviously have a need to chew and some can be quite destructive of even the strongest dog toys! When I heard the claims for the Goughnuts toy I decided to test its suitability for our program. Initially, I tried the toy with my own personal dogs which include rescued pit bull terriers. The dogs loved it; after three weeks of terrier tugging and munching it still looked brand new, so I expanded the test to known ‘hard chewers’ in our puppy raising program. I received glowing reports on the toy’s durability and appeal; not one Goughnuts toy was damaged even though several of the test dogs destroyed other ‘extreme’ rubber dog toys in minutes. We are very pleased to add the Goughnuts toy to our list of approved toys and wholeheartedly recommend it as a safe chew toy for puppies and dogs of all ages!

P.... C.... Canine Resources Manager Guide Dogs for the Blind"