Flip Flop Yankers - 15"" long with squeeker

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Tough because they have a strap sewn in! Your dog is gonna flip over this toy!

Created with dog psychology in mind, they've artfully fused 2 of the most tail-wagging technologies to create a strapping strong toy with maximum flopPability. Dogs just love a toy that flops around when they shake their heads. Each heavy canvas toy is fortified with a nylon belt inside making this the ultimate tug'o war toy.

The Incredible Strapping Flip-Flop Yankers are mighty strong and fabulous fun for you and your dog. Each sturdy toy is 15" long and has a squeaker in the head.

Flip Flop Yankers

We’re not talkin' bout flimsy footwear here, folks!  The Incredible Strapping Flip-Flop Yankers® flop and flip but don't let them fool ya!  These tough guys held up to nearly ½ ton of yanking in lab tests (think scientific, not retrievers here, folks).  Fortified by a tightly woven nylon strap inside...they're strapping strong! 

  • Contains a squeaker!

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