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The Clik-R from Premier Pet Products is perfect for clicker training your dog or other pets. It is ergonomic and easy to click which will help your be a better dog trainer and your dog learn his lessons quicker. Improves Your Timing for Quicker Results!. With the new Clik-R you won’t miss an opportunity to click and reward your dog due to fumbling with your clicker. The Clik-R has been designed by world famous clicker trainer, Terry Ryan. Raised Button makes it very easy to use. You can even put the clicker on the floor and click with your foot. Ergonomic Design. The Clik-R fits comfortably in your hand. A stretchy Finger Strap keeps it in place and secures the Clik-R to your finger so you are always ready to click and reward your dog. Not too Loud and Not too Soft. A little bit lighter and quieter sound than the standard box clicker. Purple with green detail. 2" x 1.5". Loop included for attachment to a key ring.