Canine Genius IQ Treats - 6 oz.

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IQ Treats 6 oz. Grain-free, made from 100% wild Norwegian salmon. These bite-sized cookies are extra healthy and fit perfectly inside the Leo and Mini dispensing toys. With their 1 inch size, crumbly texture and “fish-tastic” aroma, dogs will be extra motivated to solve their dispenser puzzles, and gobble up these healthy treats. Or use them for training and rewards. Dogs love IQ Treats so much, they can even be used as food enhancers for picky eaters. With powerful Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, these treats may even help boost that canine IQ up a few points! Specs • Foil reseal-able bag • 100% wild caught Norwegian Salmon – single ingredient • Grain-free • Baked never smoked • Made in Denmark