Black Epoxy Double Door GoGo Dog Crate w/ Divider - Three Sizes

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Manufacturer: GOGO
Category: Beds, Crates & Pens

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A rugged crate your dog will be comfortable in three size selections. Folds down flat for easy storage and travel.

Wire gauge 4,6 and 8 (frame) The frame wire gauge is the most important dimension. Our heavier wire maintains the structural integrity of a Wire Metal Crate.

Other great features Secure double door. Unique metal tabs for extra secure door. Front door overlaps on the top and the bottom to help prevent pinching. Side door overlaps on the top of the door for added protection. Free metal divider. Black epoxy finish. Thick wire gauge. Comes with carrying handle. Removable thick Polypropylene ( PP ) plastic pan for easy clean up. Most other crates use a lesser quality plastic ( ABS ). Easy suitcase style folding ( see photo ). No tools necessary.

Sizing Guide: Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably. General rule of thumb is to purchase a crate 4 inches longer (tip of nose to base of tail) and 4 inches higher (feet to top of head).

Recommended by breeders, trainers and rescue organizations across the country.

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