Pety Smiling

Petey's Page

Helping Udders' Best Friend

Breed: Boston Terrier

Height: 13.88"

Weight: 15 lbs

Birthday: Around June 17, 1999
Favorite Sport: Agility!

AKC Titles: AX. AXJ


Favorite Color: Orange

Theme: Hot Peppers and Flames

Favorite Toy: Orange Pocket Tug Pet Peeve: Horses

Favorite Snack: Bully Sticks!

Favorite Movie: Where the Red
Fern Grows

Best Friend: My Companion Person

About Petey and Helping Udders:

Hi, everybody! We hope you are enjoying the Helping Udders website and that you will buy a tug for your best friend before you leave. Anyway, this page gives you some history about Petey, a very talented dog and companion. He grew up in Belle Plaine, Kansas along with his brother Tony and other pups. Tony is bigger than Petey, but he still knows who's boss and they both really like playing with the doggie girls.

If Petey could talk, he would tell this story, “It all started in 2000 when my human brother found me lost and not in great condition, in Topeka and took me home with him to Wichita, Kansas. I can't tell you how long I had been lost, but no one had been looking for me or posted notices. To tell the truth, I was pretty scared and skinny from neglect. They took me to the vet and he got me all "fixed" up and healthier than ever. When I started feeling better and got a chance to run outside again, we all knew immediately I would be a great agility dog because I loved to jump over things in the back yard and run like the wind. So, we got enrolled in school at the Wichita Dog Training Club and the rest is history. I'm a retired champion now and was pretty good when I was competing, eventually earning my AKC AX and AXJ titles and tons of NADAC titles because I was so fast."

“They say I’m a "rescue," but to tell you the truth, I'm glad I got lost that day. But, we all know that some dogs get lost and never find a good home. This is the sad part of my story. I used to have another brother named Spencer. who was adopted in 2002, a couple of years before Tony came along. Spencer was lucky because a nice group had rescued him and others from a terrible place known as a puppy mill. I loved him a lot, but he has some real medical issues. His problems stemmed from spending his first 2 1/2 years in a little cage. A puppy mill is an awful place. The lady who rescued him from the mill said his feet were bloody and swollen to twice their size from walking on wire his whole life. Even after he came to live with us, he was real scared and sick for a long time. I believe that people should never buy a puppy from a pet store because for every cute puppy in a pet store, their parents are suffering terribly in the puppy mill somewhere. You know that's true, because responsible breeders would never ever sell their puppies to a pet store. Rescue organizations don't like puppy mills or the people who run them. Well, that's about enough of my story for now. We truly love all our human care givers and companions” says Petey.

Here are some pictures of Petey and the others at the link below so you could see what we all look like.

Petey comes out of retirement to support rescue
and earns his Elite Tunnelers title!
Mothers day

After two years of retirement, Petey made an unexpected comeback when he had the opportunity to "Run 4 Rescue" in Wichita, KS. The agility trial was put on to raise money for PALS Animal Rescue in Wichita. Congratulations Petey! For earning your Elite Tunnelers Title!