• Christmas/Birthday/Stocking Stuffer Gifts
  • Gift for Other Party events or celebrations
  • New Puppy Gift
  • Gift for volunteers or event judges
  • Congrats on your new title
  • Gifts for any reason whatsoever to
    make a dog happy.

Helping Udders' Gift Certificates are Affordable in $10.00 increments for young people to choose a toy for their pet dog.

Helping Udders' Gift Certificates are a great gift idea for family and friends and at the same time your purchase will help to support our companion animal rescue organizations. Helping Udders gives from 10% to 50% of every gift purchased, using the Gift Certificate, to a rescue organization of the user’s choice. Please, help us provide care to homeless animals.

Step 1:  Purchase Gift Certificate:

Qty:   x $10
For Example, Enter 5 in the Qty Box to purchase a $50 Gift Certificate,
then CLICK on


Step 2:  Watch for an email from Helping Udders containing your Printable Gift Certificate with a unique Certificate Code .  You should receive your certificate within 2 working days.

Step 3: Print your Gift Certificate and give it to someone to redeem on line at Helping Udders.com. It’s that easy and very meaningful for all in support of resuces and shelters.
gift certificate

(Warning - keep in mind that anyone who sees the code and can remember it or write it down, can redeem the gift certificate, so don't leave it on a raffle table, etc. for all to see. You will want to write in the code after it is won.)

The dogs over here seem to have a lot more drive for that toy than the toys we currently have. I don't know what there is about it, but they just love it.
- MWD Kennel Master in Iraq