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We will try and answer all of your questions.

Who is Helping Udders?
Helping Udders is an eight year old labor of love for all our companion animals, especially pet dogs. It was started in Kansas farm country by Ms. Miller and featured her dogs, Petey, Tony, Cissy, and Sarah. The dominant theme of Helping Udders is our substantial, ongoing financial support of animal rescue and shelter organizations, across the country. We have donated from 10% to 50% of each product's sales to rescue groups of your choice. Recently, the business was acquired by a well established, pet food retailer that operates a specialty pet supplies store, Luke's All Natural Pet Food in Coral Springs, Florida. Ms. Miller has continued to assist in answering helpingudders.com Customer Support phone calls and will maintain her ownership of Big Pile of Dog Shirts, her online e-commerce site. The Helping Udders, Kansas warehouse, has been relocated to just north of New York City. Helping Udders and Luke's All Natural both offer you interesting and different websites to bring you many new and unique products.

How do I designate which Rescue will benefit from my purchase?
During the checkout process, you will be asked which rescue you want to benefit from your purchase. If you found us via a link on a rescue website, you will want to type the name of that rescue. If you found us some other way, you will want to designate a rescue from our list of eligible rescues.
The list of eligible organizations can be accessed by clicking here.

Find a local or national rescue you would like to support, highlight it and copy its name to paste later in Checking Out (or just remember it for later). We are pretty good at figuring out which rescue you meant, so don't worry if you don't get it memorized perfectly.

My favorite rescue isn't on the list! 
How do they get on?
Glad you asked!! Tell them that all they need to do to become eligible for our customer's donations from our sales is to sign up for a link to helpingudders.com and follow the directions. Click here to go to the sign up form.

I can't put more than one item in my Shopping Cart! 
What's wrong? 

That is probably a "cookies" problem. You have two choices Either close all your browser windows and come back to finish your shopping in a fresh browser, or just call us at (914) 671-7527. I'll be happy to take your order over the phone. Our business hours are 7:00 am CST to 10:00 pm CST. Please leave a message if we don't answer, and I'll return your call asap.

How/when will my package be shipped?
I use the good ole' US Postal Service. Why? Priority Mail will reach every address in the continental USA in two to three days, and believe it or not, they are faster and cheaper than the other guys. I'm often able to fit your purchases into a flat rate box that also lowers the postal rate. That's how we are able to offer the $5.95 flat rate shipping for all packages up to 5 pounds in weight. There is an additional fee for Priority shipments over 5 pounds. Most orders are shipped within two working days, but our custom made shirts may take a little longer.

Can I track my order?  
Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from PayPal with your USPS tracking info. We use PayPal's US Postal Service Priority Mail option to ship your package. Where desired, Express Mail overnight service is available at an additional cost. But you can always call to find out when your package was shipped.

Do you have a store location Can I call in an order? 
Helpingudders.com does not have a physical, retail store Our warehouse is located in Mount Kisco, NY 10549. Our related company, Lukes All Natural is located in Coral Springs, Florida. That's between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

Can I order via telephone? No problem at all! Just call (914) 671-7527. We will be happy to take your order over the phone. Our business hours are 7:00 am CST to 10:00 pm CST. Please leave a message if we can't answer, and we will return your call asap.

Is my credit card info safe?
Yes. Your credit card is processed through PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to make a purchase. We don't even get your credit card info. PayPal and our Shopping Cart process is safe and secure for all transactions.

I need help deciding between products. Can I call? 
Yes, but be prepared to tell me something about your dog!! Their age, size and breed will help us suggest the best products. Just call (914) 671-7527. I'll be happy to take your order over the phone. Our business hours are 7:00 am CST to 10:00 pm CST. Please leave a message if we don't answer, and I'll return your call asap.

What are Udder Tugs all about?
They are exclusively Helping Udders the most unique and exciting play toy for your dog. Eighteen models for all kinds of fun and play activities for you with every size dog. Click Here for full Udder Tug details.

or call (914) 671-7527

The dogs over here seem to have a lot more drive for that toy than the toys we currently have. I don't know what there is about it, but they just love it.
- MWD Kennel Master in Iraq