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Cissy's Page

Helping Udders' Activities Director

About Cissy and Helping Udders:

"Hi, Everybody! My name is Cissy! If I could speak, I would tell you that I'm the Activities Director at Helping Udders. Wow, what a fun place!! I've been in this family since January 2008 when the trash man here in Belle Plaine, KS found me and took me to "the Boston Terrier Lady," who later became my new human companion. It was fun riding in the big trash truck and I am happy to be brought to a new, caring home. "

"It didn't take me long to realize that I needed to be adopted so I could stay forever! You should see all the toys and healthy treats at this place! And my fun-loving ways really fit in well here. Plus, I don't even have to behave like Tony and Petey and Sarah do, because I'm so darn cute!! I am the Official Activities Director here at Helping Udders. I got the job because I'm great at instigating wild and crazy things for all four dogs to do. I'm really good at creating lots of havoc and silliness and getting everybody else in trouble. Like playing chase in the barn building and pilfering treats and toys when no one is looking! As Activity Director, it's the perfect job for a cutey patootie like me!"

Cissy, the young lady of the family.