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ChillyDog Cooling Vest Testimonials

Ok, its 90+ degrees and humid her in Hampton Virginia today. K-9 Taylor is wearing her “new” COOL vest. I must say that it truly works. We have been suffering from the heat - which reduces Taylors work time. Today we were training at an insurance vehicle salvage lot. I set out 8 aids between 20 burned vehicles. Taylor never broke stride. As you can see from the foam around her mouth, she is eager to work, and not breathing as she normally would in this heat. K-9 Taylor and I work for Hampton Fire/Rescue in the Fire Prevention Section. She is a two year old Goldador (lab golden mix). She was provided by a grant to our department by State Farm Insurance to aid in the battle against arson and insurance fraud. This vest is truly a wonderful addition to our team.

Thank you, we love it. -Jesse

Just wanted to let you know some feedback about the cooling vests. We recently went on a 4 day backpacking trip in WA on the Pacific Crest Trail and took the vest along. We were worried that our dog would either whine about the vest or develop rub abrasion marks from wearing it much of the day while hiking. Neither one happened - in fact just the opposite as our dog seemed to be a lot more bouncy and having more fun despite the heat. As far as recharging the packs - it did work great to use the cool streams to do this, but we also discovered by accident that even air temp can do the recharge - the packs left outside our tent over night hardened up again. After the hike, we went to our vet chiropractor to see if she saw any ill effects of the harness on our dog's spine. She did not find any and was particularly glad of the wide webbing up front on the harness.


Hello, I purchased the cooling vest a couple months back for my German Shepherd, Gunnar. We live in south Florida and the weather here is miserable for him. It can reach 105 degrees at noon, so purchasing the cooling vest for him was a great idea. He loves the vest! We walk every night and before the cooling vest he couldn't walk even a mile without his tongue hitting the ground, but now.. we walk/run 5 miles everyday and he does phenomenal!! Great product, and I was glad to hear some of the proceeds went to helping those working dogs. Great product!! Highly recommended! I attached a picture of Gunnar in his vest here in good ol' south Florida.~ L... R....

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. We were at the Coast Guard Festival's Children's Parade and Pet Expo yesterday, and Maxine had her Cooling Vest on, and she was SO happy. She was just just like a puppy, she was cool, and full of energy and the warm temperatures didn't bother her at all. She enjoyed the day, and at ten years of age, she had more pep in her step then some of the two year old dogs there! The vest is just wonderful! Thanks again! T..... L.....r, MA LLP President West Michigan Therapy Dogs, Inc.


ChillyDog Field Test by MWD Program Manager for the US Army

I field tested the vest at my house today with my Belgian Malinois. Temperature was about 82 degrees. She did not mind having it on. She was not constricted. The pouches being on her stomach and ribs allowed for her comfort. She still was able to clear a 6 foot privacy fence with vest. She was able to run for a longer time. Her speed was not affected. She actually was able to run longer. These vests will help the entire force in Iraq and Afghanistan. They will allow the dogs to work longer with less rest cycles thus protecting more Soldiers. Just this little vest can save several lives because with the K-9 as an added protector we will be able to locate more IEDs and protect more Soldiers lives. The vests provide the K-9 with a comfort level in the harsh temperatures they are working in. Very Nice product. Thanks for allowing me to field check the vest and give my opinion on things I saw with it. This is a much better vest than the over the back of the dog.


From: J.... J.... D SSG MNC-I 89 MP BDE Kennel Master
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 9:55 AM
To: admin@helpingudders.com
Subject: Cooling Vest

Mikel, Our current cool vest is made by Coolzone, and as you can see in the enclosed pictures it is huge and bulky. The one you mailed to us is more compact and allows for more mobility and it is easier for the dogs to get use to wearing it. In my opinion that is. The one my kennels uses is insulated and is designed to keep the vest cool, however when the packets lose its coolness the vest becomes a heat trap for the dog. Where as yours isn't so bulky and doesn't hinder the dog as much. Plus it is a 100 times easier to put it on. Again thank you for this wonderful donation, now that the weather is getting very hot over here the vest will see a lot of use. Sorry for the delay in getting these pictures to you we have been very busy lately.

SSG J.... D. J.... Kennel Master Camp Slayer, Iraq


The ChillyDog in action with MWD Team Afghanistan.

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The ChillyDog allows Zorro great freedom of movement. Click to enlarge "I will say that when I was in the Air Force Public Health, we had used both your vest and the cooling vest for our military working dogs. I was deployed to Afghanistan at the time and our working dogs were really taking a beating (especially the dogs which are from our Northern tier bases in the Dakota's). They were life savers...don't know if you ever hear the results from the end user side, but I can testify to it."
- P F..... and Zorro.


From Iraq:
I wanted to thank you for the cool vest. The style you sent is 100% better then the one I deployed with. It allows for more ventilation and has less material then the kind the Army buys. The one I was given is made out of a bulky plastic material and covers my dog almost from head to toe. Which can cause overheating once the cool packs lose their coolness. One of the handlers here received a cool vest from someone who found him on Americasuportsyou.com and it was the same style you sent and he loves it. - SSG J.... J....


Here is a picture of my dogs wearing their cooling vests. It took Emmie (the English cocker) a few minutes to get used to the vest but now she acts like it isn't there. Brody (the shepherd mix) had no problems. We live in Henderson, Nevada so in the summer it never cools off. Now the dogs can keep enjoying long walks all year long. We are also planning on using the vests during agility practice. Let me know if you can't see the pictures. J.... A.....


Mikel, Just writing to give you feedback on the vests I ordered...they work very well. I put them to the ultimate test today. I took my dogs running in the relentless Houston heat and humidity. It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon and 91 degrees. My dogs ran 4 miles. The first three were a piece of cake. The fourth mile took a little more out of them, especially the husky. Afterwards, I put my hand down the vest between the dog and the vest and the area was still cool. The vests had been on for about an hour at that point. The husky has a chest circumference of 25" and the vest is as tight as it goes. That's probably the smallest any dog can be to wear this size. These straps are made for working dogs and are made to not slip while the dog is moving around. This makes the straps difficult to maneuver while on the dog. I suggest all sizing be done off the dog. The dogs have no loss of mobility with the vests in place. The leash hooks onto the back of the harness and has an anti-pull effect. That's nice. Lastly, my dogs look so professional while in these vests. I just want to stand up and salute them. They are beautiful.

Thank You,

K.... W. of R....., Texas


Mikel, I received Bo's (Labrador Retriever) cooling vest yesterday and tried it in our competition heeling class. It was 97 degrees in Atlanta and the vest was worked wonderfully! Bo had so much more energy, wagging his tail throughout the hour long class. He worked dutifully, heeling perfectly. Thanks for a great product. I'm so happy it's easy to use and attach to the dog. Yes, you can use my testimonial. I am very pleased and have a lot of people asking about Bo's vest. It is well worth the cost, it's the only one that I know of that really works. L.... S. of Atlanta, GA