Collars and Leads

Collars and Leads

Walk Your Dog in Comfort and Style!

We have Bungee style stretch leads and other breed specific collars and leashes.

Mendota's are Collars and Leashes together

10-50% of purchase goes to rescue.

Mendota Dog Walker
Mendota Dog Walker The Mendota® Dog Walker™ is a martingale style lead and collar in one.
Bungee Pupee
Bungee Puppee Bungee Pupees take the whiplash out of walking your dog and actually teaches your dog not to pull! Models available for Single or Two Dog set ups. 3 ft, 4ft and 6 ft length leads. Various color combinations.
Breed Specific Collars
Bread Specific Collars BIG SALE ** 50% OFF by Entering COLLARS on Checkout ** Distinctive Durable enough for everyday wear. Machine Washable. Sized to Fit the Breed.
Symbols and Signs Collars
Symbols and Signs Collars Trendy Neckwear For Pets!
Bungee Pupee Pet Walker No Tangle Leash