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ChillyDog™ or ChillyPup™?  Which is right for your dog?
The major difference between the two (as far as sizing goes)is that the ChillyPup™ is 3 inches shorter (from dog's front to back). Please measure your dog carefully before deciding to order.  We reserve the right to charge a 10% restock fee if the vest is returned.

Sizing: The ChillyDog™was designed to fit large to medium size working breeds such as GSDs, Malinois, Goldens, and Labs, however, just like with people, each dog is unique in overall chest size, length, and girth.  


Chest Girth:  The circumference around the largest part of the dog's chest. This is the most critical measurement.  This part of the vest adjusts from 28" to 46". (Please heed the 28" limit)

Length: The ChillyDog™ is 9" long. Your dog must also be long enough between the elbow and back leg to accommodate the packs.  Your dog will need to be at least 11-12" long from elbow to her back leg (or his private parts for a male dog).  He will probably want to go potty while wearing the vest, so take that into account.

If your dog is too short bodied - order the ChillyPup™.  The yoke is adjustable as well. To avoid expensive returns, if uncertain about sizing, please call Helping Udders at (914) 671-7527 to determine whether your dog will fit a ChillyPup or ChillyDog.


Sizing: The ChillyPup™is designed to fit medium dogs like Border Collies, Aussies, Spaniels, and breeds like Bulldogs that have a shorter torso.

Chest Girth: The circumference around the largest part of the dog's chest. This is the most critical measurement.  This part of the vest adjusts from 20" to 32".  Chances are if your dog is less than 20" around, the vest will be too long for him. (If your dog is larger than 32 in. around the check, a dog collar with snapping buckles can be used as an extender.)  

Length: The ChillyPup™ is 6 inches long, 3 inches shorter in length than the ChillyDog™. Your female dog should be at least 8 inches between her front legs and her back legs to avoid rubbing.  Your male dog should be at even longer to take into account his private parts.  He will probably want to go potty while wearing the vest, so take that into account. The yoke is adjustable as well.

Vest Features
• RPCM™ Renewable Phase Change Material
• Two-way adjustment for best fit possible
• Lasts up to 2.5 hours in a 100° F environment.
• Recharges in ice water in about 20 minutes or in a refrigerator in 30 minutes.
• Designed to fit comfortably and allow freedom of movement, including walking, jogging, sitting, lying, and pottying.
• Doubles as a harness with a leash attachment (not a feature on ChillyPup™).
• Much lighter than cooling vests that rely on crystals that absorb water.  Plus nothing is wet!
• Provides active cooling.
• Change packs without removing harness.
• Contains no hazardous ingredients, which means that the cooling formula is harmless if accidentally ingested or enters the blood stream.

Completely Safe!
• The RCPM™ technology is made from processed fats and oils - even classified as "food grade" by the FDA.
• RPCM Cool Packs maintain a comfortable 59°F (15°C), while ice or gel based systems are too cold at 32°F (0°C) or less.
• RPCM™ Cool Packs quickly recharge in only 20 minutes in ice water or a little longer in a fridge.
• The Patent Pending RPCM™ Cool Packs use a unique 'green' formula which contains absolutely no hazardous ingredients or chemicals and is completely non-toxic.
• Non toxic material. Complies with U.S. Department of Labor "Green" Chemical definitions. A material safety data sheet is available upon request.

Phase Change Technology use in the ChillyDog Glacier Tek constant temperature vest is a completely unique body management device. The unique cooling formulation encapsulated in an anatomically designed CoolPack, makes a change in minutes from a clear liquid to a semi-solid, white waxy form and maintains = 59° F (15° C) throughout its cooling cycle, and can be energized thousands of times. Unlike the extremely cold temperatures of ice and gel, the higher temperature formulation in the CoolPacks works in harmony with the body. When wearing an energized cool vest, this cool phase change material heat sinks the excessive heat the body creates when exercising, wearing protective clothing, encapsulating suites or just working in HOT environments.

How does it feel?
When you first put an energized vest or jacket on, it feels cool, not cold. Since skin temperature is approximately 92° F (33° C), each individual will react differently to its cooling sensation. Some individuals may feel a slight cooling throughout the duration of the cooling life cycle, while others may not. After approximately 30 to 45 minutes, some individuals may feel very little of the “cooling sensation”. Why? Because the body is reacting very well to this higher temperature and acclimating. Unlike the painful cold shock one feels when ice or gel is placed against the skin, the comfortable 59° F (15° C) temperature of the Cool Pack feels more like jumping into a swimming pool…. for the first few minutes it feels cool, and then, as time passes, you hardly notice the sensation. Hence, the body has acclimated to the cooler temperature.

Physiologically how does it work?
Basically, when the body needs to regulate its temperature, the brain triggers vasodilatation of the blood vessels to increase the blood flow to the peripheral skin areas of the body to stimulate sweating. An increase in heart rate occurs, and the body begins its natural process of temperature regulation. As the cooling formulation inside the Cool Pack absorbs your body’s excessive heat, it is cooling the soft tissues and blood as it circulates throughout the cardiovascular system. As the blood and soft tissue become cooler, less metabolic activity is required to meet the demand to regulate your body’s internal temperature. By cooling the blood flow without vasoconstriction, hypoxia is avoided and proper oxygen flow is maintained. Your body remains calm, metabolic activity may slow, and less body fluids are forfeited maintaining suitable electrolyte balance needed for proper muscle function and optimum physical performance. Akin to a radiator in an automobile and automobile engine, the formulation in the Cool Pack absorbs and wicks away the bodies heat. As the body’s engine becomes cooler, less heat needs to be expelled. As its internal temperature is regulated and maintained, the body experiences less stress, so the brain doesn’t trigger the need for additional hyperactivity required to regulate the body’s temperature. When wearing a Glacier Tek cool vest or jacket for heat stress relief, the individuals will feel more energetic and alert. Phase Change Cooling Technology is most effective when good thermal conductivity is maintained. A light Tee shirt can be worn for Hygiene reasons, but is not necessary because of the safe 59°F (15°C) temperature provided by the CoolPacks.

The Cool Jackets and Cool Vest were designed for the industrial safety market. However their use has expanded to include Hazmat Teams, Foundries, under Bunker Gear and Military Flak Jackets, Costume Characters and by workers required to wear Chemical or Biological protective clothing. The phase change material utilized in our Cool Jackets and Vest acts as a heat sync to draw heat away from the user. If compared to an automobile, the heart works like the water pump and the CoolPacks like the radiator cooling the entire engine. When used properly the CoolPacks work systemically to help maintain a safe core temperature.

The CoolPacks can be charged in Ice and Water in about 20 minutes or in a refrigerator in 30 minutes. The CoolPacks are completely charged when the clear liquid inside the packs turns into a White Solid. The CoolPacks continue to maintain a 59° F (15° C) temperature as long as any portion of the Phase Change Material remains solid within the pack.

Individuals will feel the initial cooling effect of the CoolPacks; However, It is important to note that as the body becomes acclimated to the 59° F (15° C) temperature the sensation of cool may decrease; However, the CoolPacks are still drawing the heat away from your body. The effect experienced is similar to jumping into a swimming pool, the initial coolness of the water seems to
decrease, but the water is still drawing the heat away from the body.

Cool Jackets and Vest
• Proven to Out Perform Ice, Gel or Evaporative cooling vest.
• Reduces chances of heat stress – heat stroke and other job site injuries.
• Helps maintain a Safe Body Core Temperature.
• Increases Alertness and Production Capabilities 22% - 37%.
• Decreases reaction time improves safety when operating machinery.
• Maintains a constant 59° F (15° C) temperature.
• Recharges in 20 minutes and last up to 2.5 hours in a 100° F (38° C) environment.
• Weighs less than 5 lb. Complete.


Revolutionary RPCM™ Cool Pack Technology

Q. How many times can the RPCM™ Cool Pack be used?

A. The function of the RPCM™ Cool Pack of storing latent heat is a natural property of the active ingredients; it never wears out. It can be used indefinitely.  


Q. How long do RPCM™ Cool Packs take to recharge?

A. Typically 20 minutes in ice & water, and slightly longer in a refrigerator or freezer. They can be recharged in any environment that is 59°F or less...even a cool stream or air-conditioned room. They recharge more quickly in ice & water because of the conductive method of chilling. In a freezer, they chill convectively, which takes a bit longer.


Q. What are the primary benefits of RPCM™ Cool Packs over ice or frozen gel packs?

1. RPCM™ Cool Packs recharge (solidify) at a much more comfortable 59°F (15°C) temperature. This means they can't cause skin or tissue damage that happens when something frozen remains in contact with your body.

2. RPCM™ Cool Packs remain effective for a longer period of time between recharges. Why? The difference in between ambient air temperature and the RPCM™ is much less than the difference between ambient air temperature and ice. That means more cooling is absorbed by
the body and less is lost to the air.

3. RPCM™ Cool Packs are cooled to a temperature that is almost always above the dew point. That means they typically won't form condensation and get you all wet. Ice and frozen gel packs are always below the dew point, so they sweat, making them uncomfortable to wear and adding to the weight of the vest or jacket. Condensation also robs the ice pack of efficiency because condensation creates heat, which is absorbed by the pack, further reducing its efficiency.


Q. How do RPCM™ Cool Packs compare with evaporative-type body cooling products?

A. RPCM™ Cool Packs provide much greater efficiency and better performance. Evaporative-type products, by design retain water, so they are always damp and soggy. This makes them uncomfortable against your skin and soaks your clothing. It also means they will breed bacteria and mildew over time. Further, evaporative-type products can't operate inside sealed protective clothing like hazmat suits or in any high humidity environment.  Because the ambient air is already saturated with water, evaporation is minimal if at all. RPCM™ Cool Packs are unaffected by humidity.

Q. Can RPCM™ Cool Packs reduce core body temperature?

A. Yes they can, but remember that the RPCM™ Cool Vest is worn to maintain normal core temperature. The body is not supposed to be cool, it is supposed to be 98.6°F.  The purpose of our unique RPCM™ Cool Vest is to maintain a normal, comfortable core temperature and help prevent heat related injuries.

Q. Is the chemical in the RPCM™ Cool Pack toxic?

A. It's not really a chemical.  We like to call it "high tech chicken fat" because it is basically a proprietary (and patent-pending) concoction of fats and oils from animal and vegetable sources.  Therefore RPCM™ Cool Packs are completely non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly.  None of the 'old-style' phase change materials on the market today can say that...most of them use hexdecane or some other variety of petroleum-based phase change materials...all of
which contain hazardous chemicals.

Q. Will RPCM™ Cool Packs cause vasculer constriction?

A. Not at all. That's one of the key benefits of RPCM™ Cool Vests. They function within a comfortable temperature range that, unlike ice or frozen gel, does not allow vasoconstriction of blood vessels. This is an important difference, as unconstricted blood vessels allow your circulatory system to freely move blood throughout your body, then release heat at the skin surface. With ice applied near the skin, the the body is fooled into thinking it is cold. It reacts by constricting the blood vessels near the skin, limiting the body's natural heat-loss system. The heart and lungs then work harder, expending extra energy and creating yet more body heat.

Q. During cardiovascular exercise, will RPCM™ Cool Packs help slow the heart rate?

A. Yes, in a manner of speaking. RPCM™ Cool Vests will help slow the increase in your heart rate by helping keep your core body temperature closer to normal for a longer period of time.  This allows you to exercise longer and with more intensity, allowing for higher calorie burn. Of course, it's important that you check with your doctor before undergoing any exercise program.


ChillyDog Care:
The ChillyDog is strong and durable.  It can be washed with a hose, scrubbed, thrown int he base of your vehicle, and generally mistreated without worry about damage.  The Cool Packs inside the ChillyDog are unique in that the materials they contain is the only phase change material (PCM) that can be consumed without harming the dog.

Glacier Tek Manufacturer’s Warranty

Glacier Tek warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase, provided the products supplied have not been subject to accident, alteration, negligence, abuse, or misuse. As the sole remedy under this warranty, Glacier Tek will, at its option, repair or replace non-conforming goods.

Glacier Tek warrants its phase change products to change phase from liquid to solid and the reverse (when exposed to the appropriate temperatures for a sufficient length of time) for the life of the product, provided the products supplied have not been subject to accident, alteration, negligence, abuse, or misuse. As the sole remedy under this warranty, Glacier Tek will, at its option, repair or replace non-conforming goods.  

Return Policy
Contact helpingudders about refunds.