How to safely store kibble. A must read

by General Information

Many manufacturer's develop their packaging to keep their foods as fresh as possible. They often recommend, not to pour the food into a plastic container directly, but instead, place the entire bag in the plastic container. The air-tight container will keep the bugs out and keep the food fresher.

The benefits of putting the bag in the container.

  • The bags contain the lot codes and expiration on it, just incase of a recall! You'll have the information available, to determine if your current food is safe.

  • Storing it within the bag keeps direct sunlight or light from hitting the food, many foods will spoil faster if it's exposed to light, especially foods that contain fish based products.

  • It keeps the bugs and your hungry pet out.

  • Always finish what you have left, before adding new food into the container.

  • Rinse the container out between Every bag, Oils can seep into the container become rancid and can eventurally contaminate the new food.

  • If your bag doesn't fit in the container, line the container with a bag, pour in enough so that the original bag will fit, once the extra food is used up in the container, then slip the remaining bag into it. 

I personally, like the plastic containers on wheels, it makes it easy to move around and their large enough to leave a food scoop in it! Iris makes some the best plastic containers. The 45QT ones hold up to 40 lbs of food and fits a 30-33 lb bag of food in it's original packaging comfortably.

This article was published on Tuesday, October 20, 2009