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People have made a big fuss about what you have said Helping Udders is doing for animal rescue, but . . it's really the people out there actually "doing" rescue that deserve the credit.

Udder Tugs

Petey's Page

Helping Udders' Best Friend

After two years of retirement, Petey made an unexpected comeback when he had the opportunity to "Run 4 Rescue" in an agility match.

Udder Tugs

Tony's Page

Petey’s Younger Brother &

Helping Udders' Official Toy Tester

I have earned my Masters Excellent Agility and Masters Excellent Jumpers titles in AKC


Cissy's Page

Helping Udders' Activities Director

Cissy got the job because she is great at instigating wild and crazy things for us four dogs to do. She brings excitement to our dog’s daily lives.


Sarah's Page

Helping Udders' Junior Member

Sarah is one of the first Mixed Breed Dogs in the whole world to earn an AKC Agility Title!! That’s a real testament to her knowledge and skill.

The dogs over here seem to have a lot more drive for that toy than the toys we currently have. I don't know what there is about it, but they just love it.
- MWD Kennel Master in Iraq